WITKOWITZ is a brand of a renewed industrial tradition. It means synergy of unique knowledge, human skills, technological know-how and international experience.

Two centuries of experience has forged the unique character of the WITKOWITZ brand. The knowledge, skills and know-how of people have persisted. Now, new opportunities have appeared in northern Moravia for mechanical engineers and other professions allowing all of them to fulfil personal ambitions and to jointly create a global brand.

The return to the WITKOWITZ brand is not just a tribute to its 190-year history. It symbolizes a new beginning that benefits from the unique know-how, technological skills, production programme transformation and the company’s new vision. It includes its own engineering and complete production with high added value.


Companies sharing the brand Witkowitz, share a common idea that everything you can imagine, they can also create. Witkowitz is the basis for a common tradition and participation in the current goal.

Companies wearing brand Witkowitz, share a common idea that everything they can imagine, they can also create. WITKOWITZ is the basis for a common tradition and participation in the current goal. Coordination of all activities across WITKOWITZ family, business development, HR strategy, PR&marketing strategies, financial and law support, group branding.

Production of large volume storage tanks from enamel, stainless steel and comaxite. Projection, manufacture, assembly and possible reconstruction or maintenance for wastewater treatment plants (WTP), biogas stations (BGS) and Liquid fertilizers warehouse (DAM).

Owns unique equipment, which can produce and process a broad portfolio of materials (nickel, titanium, steel, stainless steel. Owns traditional open die forging machines as well as the latest rotary forging equipment. Operations on the production line are fully automated and completely computerized.

The company is dedicated to the development of projects and technologies in the field of energy, environment and innovation. It includes in-house engineering and complete production with high added value.

Manufacturing, service & maintenance, engineering,provision of services in the field of maintenance & construction of customer ́s equipment, machine parts manufacturing, custom manufacturing, ecological disposal of redundant devices.

A long-established and the largest company in the sphere of mechanical erection, repair and maintenance in the Czech Republic. Company operates in the sector of structural steel delivery and installation, steel bridge construction, equipment installation, cranes and construction machinery rental.

The main activity of the company is the design and engineering of machines and equipment for surface mining and storage of minerals. It also conducts studies and projects of new wheeled excavators, reconstruction and modernization of belt conveyors and machines for landfill management.

Progressive company engaged in the complex custom production of unique gearboxes from design to production. Its domain is the production of gearboxes, gears and other engineering products, overhaul of gearboxes, heat treatment, design and construction.

The company WITKOWITZ GULF, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, represents the WITKOWITZ holding group not only in this territory, but also has an overlap within the region of the GCC countries. It focuses on the selected product portfolio of the holding group, as well as on business activities between the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Manufacturing of pressure and non-pressure parts of power plants, equipment for chemical, petrochemical and steel industry. Cooperation in form of rolling and bending of plates, bending of pipes, welding, heat treatment, machining.

Rental of halls and machinery, rental services.

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